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Non-Profit & Non-Political Organization

About Us

Makan Foundation was established in 2011 in honor of a devoted son of Persia “Makan Karandish”, the Iranian director, writer, philosopher, musician, and creator of the eternal documentary film, “IRAN, The Forgotten Glory“. MAKAN Foundation – initially established by Makan’s family – is entirely devoted to promoting Persian heritage, art, music, and culture. Makan Foundation has been very successful in organizing numerous cultural events in USA, Canada and Columbia in the past few years and continues to promote young artists, film-makers and musicians around the globe for years to come. MAKAN Foundation is a non-political, non-religious & %100 non-profit entity.

We aim at fulfilling the following goals:


Ambitious Young Artists and Film Makers by Assisting With Film Screenings, Artist Showcases and Concerts in USA & Around the World.


Loans to Young Directors & Film Makers, Continuing Makan’s Legacy Of Producing Documentaries About Persian  & Ancient History


Funds for Needy Orphanages In Makan’s Hometown: Shiraz, Iran, As Well As Other Parts of Iran & The World By Providing Funds In Cases Of Natural Disasters Etc…

Brief Welcome Remarks By Dr. Kaveh Karandish :


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